Bad run. How to deal with bad run in poker?

I think that everybody had a bad time in their poker life, or at least will have. It is not funny and on the contrary – because of that we can have a problem with our health and also with relationships with family and friends. Continuous bad beats, unimaginable situations in which the opponent had only a few outs, but he collect his draw,  when we have set and our opponent straight, when we have a straight opponent has a flush and when we have flush he has a full house and so on. This is all very difficult. I think that ability to deal with it is what shapes the perfect poker player.  



Are you sure it is bad run?

We can say what bad  beat is not. If you play for a while and played a more than 1000 MTT or SNG or hundreds of thousands hands in cash game and it is constantly not very good, it's probably time to stop complaining about the bad beats and look at my game.

What is a bad run?

Every day the same, no matter how we play, we note that at the end of the next session we lose money again, after some time poker is beginning to be unpleasant and you may even start to hate him and slowly begin to doubt in your own abilities. Become hard questions: are you sure it wasn`t just a luck before and now it's just the variance of returns to normal. Thinking about poker cause pain. If someone plays HU he know that sometimes we play with an opponent that he simply can`t be beat, he wins with us with any hand, play a game that after a while, as we see this guy, we feel fear. There are a lot of negative thoughts that occur during the bad run and I think it is they still make it worse.
What happens to us during the game? It is very easy to bluff us, because we don`t get a good hands, sometimes we are bluffing too much, because we are frustrated that for a long time we didn`t win anything. Fear about next losing is another pool of negative impact on our bet sizing and often instead pull out the value we are waiting, because the river was too terrible for us.
Overall, our game is starting to look more tight and less aggressive. Then there are the emotions. A few bad beats in a row and you tilt is ready, you begin to make irrational decisions by which you lose an additional buy-ins. It all adds up to a general term of downswing.
Remember that absolutely everyone habe it sometimes, some people have it even after several months, so you must be prepared for him. There are many ways to deal with it. Of course all of this is not easy, especially if you are pro and you have to win money for your family life.

How to deal with it?

I think that listing the ways to deal with the bad run is necessary to mention adequate protection. If you are a pro you need to have safe bankroll for your stakes. It is obvious, however, there is the second important thing - to have the best security in cash (money for few months), which will be available in a time when we won`t have benefits from the game. You should also have alternative bankroll, which you can use in case of loss of main bakroll, it is very carrefully, but not foolish. The ordinary players who have yet normal work should focus on the appropriate bankroll management and finding a favorable rakeback.

With this secure our thoughts should be calm, because we don`t have such a great pressure to get results. This is important because play in stress inspires fear in making difficult decisions. I believe that a great way to deal with downswing is his consciousness. If we are determined that in the near future we will break even or note inherited plung of roll, it is easier to accepting defeat. It is important to know that everything is normal and the main thing is to safely survive.

I guess talking about bad run still be able to compare it to survive at sea in a storm. If the captain is experienced, then he will know how to take action, so the damage was minimal and what to do to no one will die, including it is obviously that you have to furl the sails. Looking at this comparison it shows that the experience will do much for us, but also the willingness of bad moments can save us.

Until this happens many of the common technical advice directly related to the game. First of all, play very tight, but not reducing aggression. It is known that if the cards are falling badly, the pot control is inevitable, but let's not paranoid and when you have to make bet the pot, don`t be afraid. However, if our main strength was excellent call with A high, or 4 pair, it's time to stop this at this point, because it will end very badly. Another issue is the proper selection of games, going down will reduce the fear of your bankroll and not sitting down to your favorite Reg Wars facilitate a difficult time. Fewer than usual number of tables is also not a bad idea. At the end I will add that it is good to have a dual focus, because when you are on downswing your decisions are usually the most difficult, because viewing TV or talking on skype should disappear for some time.
Time to control emotions. There's no denying that when you are on downswing, tilt is our unwanted friend who's just waiting to take possession of us. How to deal with it that, everyone should well know, and for those who don`t know, I might add that the best way to deal with the tilt is not playing poker for a few - a few dozen minutes, or hours and deal with something pleasant. Strongly recommend not name-calling on people or objects, this gives a momentary satisfaction, but leads to severe nervous diseases.
Break in the game is the last, but probably the best tool to deal with downswing. Rest of poker, a short vacation, a weekend of skiing, afternoons and evenings on the court with the family is really the perfect cure for all ills, so a week or two breaks allow you to catch your breath and feel the hunger back to the game.


Appropriate protections, awareness of downswing, solid tight game without goofing around, double focusing, selection of games, emotional control and little break is the most common and most effective method of dealing with the bad run.