MTT poker Strategies

I will show you the list of most popular MTT strategies, used in multitable tournaments game. Most people uses one of first two strategies – classic tight or loose aggressive, but for more advanced players I will show also five more, let`s say “substrategies”. 

Classic Tight

It is probably most known MTT strategy. Every poker player just needs to learn it. It consist that we are trying to play only very narrow range, like 22+, KJ+, A9+. You can play rather from middle and late positions.

It is great MTT strategy for every beginning players. It gives understanding what does it mean a good poker and make game much easier. Why it is make game much easier? Mostly because every decision is easy. Low pair needs to hit set, with over pair the best decision is to shove. If you hit a top pair then if you have the best kicker or near it then you also have to push. Trivial matter. 

This strategy works great in „survival” type of games, mainly in satellites. Really, it is probably the easiest way to win a ticket for bigger tournament. I also think that this is easy way to be in the money in normal tournaments; however it is very hard to do anything in the end game. 

Unfortunately, not everything is as easy as it seems. Although it is strategy with the advantages, it also has a lot of quite big defects. Firstly, it is very hard to win whole tournament by playing with this strategy. If it have to be effective, than it have to more developed, especially by knowledge about stealing blinds and about tournament`s end game. 

It is not the end of problems. Because of the little numbers of hands that we play in most part of tournament, we are between 20-30bb, what gives us just one chance for mistake or we even don`t have an option to make some big mistake, because it will end our game by eliminate us from tournament. Because of this, we have another defect – we will not enjoy by game. What more – if we will play then we will feel a pressure and when we hit something we will try to shove. Is enjoyable game when we play very rarely and when we are in the game we just looking for occasion to play all-in? I think it is not. End game is mostly based on rule “push or fold”. It maybe makes our game easier, but also eliminates our intervention in what is happening, and our “to be or not to be” is just a pure gambling. 

The best MTT strategy for beginners, 
Simple to use, 
Great strategy in satellites,
Good in cheap tournaments and freerolls, where plays a lot of donks. 

It is hard to win big mtt with this strategy, 
Game with low stack in whole tournament,
Big pressure in middle and final stage of tournament, when you need to play “push or fold” all the time,
Easy to read,
It is boring. 

Loose agresive style.

It is very addictive poker MTT strategy, requiring pretty good skills in play after flop. You can play with almost every hand if you have good pot odds. You need to avoid game without position. Very frequent play, when you have position. Remember also about very high aggression from the position. There is frequent blind steeling. Stack is fluctuating very often from short stack to big stack and vice versa. 

Mastering this game is very difficult and even the best players have sometimes problems with learn it, but from the middle phase to end game it is very effective strategy, putting big pressure all the time on your opponents. But it will happen only if you will not follow your imagination. It is that kind of game, that between genius and idiot is very thin line and next big bluff in a row might be total disrepute you. Continuous raising is very addictive and very often players are not able to stop it. If player with this style will slip through the final table he will be very difficult to stop, because usually he has a huge stack.

Our game become very hard to read,  
It let you to take control on the table,
It makes that some of player avoids game with us,  
It is great for very big tournaments,  
It is great for deep stack tournament,  
Very interesting and absorbing.

Difficult to learn, 
You can pretty easy lose your big stack, 
Requires great skills and composure, 
Bad for cheap tournaments and freerolls, where play a lot of donks.

Those two MTT poker strategies I would call basic strategies and for them you can put other substrategies. Here they are: 

Small ball

This is MTT strategy for players which are very good in post flop game. It is based on raising pre flop by minim amount or 2,5 bb. Players have hopes to see cheap flop, and then you win with your opponents because of skill advantage over opponents. 

Masters of this strategy are Daniel Negreanu and Phil Helmuth – everybody knows how much WSOP bracelets they have. Is it meaning that currently it is the best strategy? Well, I`m afraid it is not. It is not good to play online, however it have pretty interesting foundations. It is about avoiding big pots and big stacks. It is the best part of this strategy and I think that if we put it together with good aggression it might be the key to success in multitable tournaments. 

Until recently players which play with small ball strategy threat a lot of success, but now rules an ultra aggressive style which is natural enemy of small ball. Actually one very aggressive player on the table can make that small ball will stop to be effective. So at the beginning of this century, earlier mentioned professional players has a lot of wins, because an ultra aggressive style wasn`t known as well as it is now. 

Small ball is worth mastering, because it learns thinking in post flop game and to think about opponent’s style, because we all the time in the heat of battle. I`m a great believer in avoiding big stacks, however I don`t like avoiding a big pots all the time.

Pot is easy to control,
Pretty good MTT strategy for long survival, 
Great for deep stack tournaments, 
It is learn how to play after flop, 
It gives you big advantage over weak opponents,
It is interesitng.

Difficult to learn, 
Bad for play with and aggressive player or aggressive table, 
Pretty hard to play in end game, 
It doesn`t work in turbo online tournaments. 

Super aggressive 

Very dynamic game, focused on building quite big pots and putting a huge pressure on opponents, which very need to make a decision “all-in or fold”. It is great poker strategy in tournaments with turbo levels and on the beginning of tournaments. What do you need to play this style? No fear and to be real gambler. 

I think that good example is game of Tom Dwan, which for this moment is dominating every cash games, both live and online. But it is not a strategy for normal person. You need not just a high skill level, but also something more. It is the top skills and great talent.  

It is very spectacular, 
Super effective, 
It bases on high quality of reading opponents and on putting a pressure on them  

Probably no one from people who are reading this will learn it.  

Game only with weak opponents

It is typical shorthanded tactic, where you play a lot of games with small number of people. Usually after a few hands we know who the weakest player on the table is. We have got out target and we are trying to play in every pot with him. We also try to avoid game with other players. 

I really like situation, when weak opponent have a big stack and he is very aggressive, bluffing and play all-in very often. We can`t based our whole game only on this strategy, but sometimes we might sit at the table with so big fish, that only game with him is most profitable. 

Easy to play,
It gives you big chance for double up your stack. 

You can miss a lot of good hands with other, 
Difficult to play at full table, 
You can say it is in some way limited. 

Tactic of stealing blinds

It is perfect strategy in games with small and medium M and in final levels of mtt tournament. It is great described in Gus Hansen book. If you don`t know this strategy, then it will be very hard for you to win in any of MTT. It is a game mostly from late positions and uses cruelly every situation, when every player folded. 

The most dangerous weapon of this tactic is cbet, which is used in almost 100% of cases. In my opinion it is key to win big tournament and every self-respecting player should know about it.

Eating small stacks

It is used in situation when we have very big stack. Rule is simple, you open very often with god and middle hands and eagerly call every all-in from small stack if it is about 10-20% of our stack.

It very simple strategy and have positive influence on our image, because let`s say that we are on the button, we have 10.000 chips, blinds are 50-100, every one folded, we with J6 make standard raise to 250, small blind folded and big blind with 1000 chips play all-in, we of course make an easy call. He shows A5, flop is JJx and we take pretty pot. After that kind of show half of table will think that we are donk and they will surprise often. It is very effective in rebuy tournament, easy and allows winning a lot of pots without thinking. 

• Easy to play,  
• You don`t need great skills, 
• Perfect to play with big stack, 
• It is very good to play in rebuy tournaments after rebuy period, 
• Gives us very deceptive image. 

• It works only with big stack.