Paradise Poker Sign Up Bonus


We would like to introduce you great sign up bonus from Paradise Poker. They offer to every new player 100% of Welcome Bonus, up to maximum amount of 1000 Euro, by double up first deposit to Paradise Poker. 



Paradise Poker sign up bonus - what you have to do?

If you will deposit 400 euro on Paradise Poker, then you will get another 400 euro as a Paradise Poker sign up bonus. Every time you will get the same amount that you deposit. 
Remember that you will get your bonus only if you write correct bonus code. If you forget about it, then you have seven days to report it to Paradise Poker Online Support. 

Paradise Poker bonus gave you three options for different stakes:
1. Welcome Bonus 50 euro – 5€ for every 100FPP, bonus offer expires after 30 days
2. Welcome Bonus 300 euro – 10€ for every 200FPP, bonus offer expires after 45 days
3. Welcome Bonus 1000 euro – 20€ for every 400FPP, bonus offer expires after 60 days.

FPP are Frequent Player Points.  It something like reward for your loyalty to some poker room. In Paradise Poker you need to collect as much frequent player points, as possible, because it is the only one way to get your Paradise Poker Welcome Bonus. You can earn your FPP by playing on every real game in Paradise Poker. For every 0,25€ rake, you will get 1FPP. 

It is not everything! You can use all of your FPP for other promotions on Paradise Poker! For example you can use them in Player Club. So for the same points you get money twice! If you earn 1000-1499 FPP, Paradise Poker will give you another 30 euro! More frequently player points you earn, then more money they will gave you. 

There is even more! If you don`t want to take money for FPP you can buy some great gadgets in Paradise Poker Shop – electronics, poker books or poker accessories. You have one more option. You can play in PokerClub tournaments, paying buy-in from your FPP account! 

As you can see Paradise Poker has a great offer to new players. You can double up your first deposit and at the same time you can spent your FPP points for more money or for loyalty tournaments!