Poker can be enjoyable - emotions in poker

Certainly everyone from you has started to interest of poker, because game looks interesting, you maybe also expect for luck and winning extra money. For many of you, with time it started to change. You started to look for some articles, magazines, books and any other possible things, which could even a little build up your miserable skills. Suddenly everything begun to work out and it turns out that everything you read have a sense and you can earn some extra money from poker. 

Poker as a job? 

Everyday after school, collage, work they sat down to their favourite game to show everybody once again who the real shark is. Of course wives, girlfriend or kins were very opposite to this, but whatever – you know better that it wasn`t a gambling and not every stuipid man can win. Right. It was worth to insist and feel that what you were doing have some sens and it is not just a stupid dream. But over time things started to go bad. Often unnhappy and neglected wife started making a scenes, girlfriend wanted to break, and parents began to complain that we are nervous all the time and that pobably our memory started to fail. You spend more time at the computer, sudden outburst of frustration, and finally you started to disparage oponnents on chat and call them donks and stupid idiots. It already started to stop being fun, just a normal engagement and you didn`t realizing that it wasn`t just a fun, but something more serious. It is real money. Yes – this is thing, which can confuse everyone in head. Wild lust of money possess in our mind. Any free time we used to have some contact with poker, because it our passion. But are you sure of that? Is your health worth all of this? Of course it is, because you earning your lovely $$$$$. 

Probably at least a half of this text is about almost everybody, which will read it. You can`t forget first big tournament that you won. Biggest bad beat you also can`t forget.

Maybe most of you doesn`t have obsessed by poker and for many of you it is still disobliging fun, but I know that many of us derive from this very nice profits and every hand is important. That is why we are trying to be focus at all the time, and maybe even fraught.  After every session we are tired, and every next begins to tire us. Worst things started when we have downswing. We swears, hurts our opponents, perhaps we throw by every objects (I hope that not in some other people). Then we discover the dark side of poker, world which is hiding, nobody want to boast it, because it is not a thing that charms some many people. Are you sure that there were no people in your life which complained that you spend to many times with him or that you are so alienated? If there someone like that, then maybe is time to think about what is important to do have to spend every free moment at poker? Maybe sometimes it is better to visit your parents, go on a date or maybe go to the pub with friends. I`m sure it is better. But for many of you it is not so easy to understand it, especially when you really loved this game. The worst is when you all the time gets bad beats and when non-stop somebody gets impossible card on the river. Then we are angry whole day, maybe begin to have frequently migraines and family begin to observe us more precisely. This is probably the worst possible scenario, but what is even worse – it happens quite often. 

Change yourself!

That is why it comes a time for changes. It is a right time to come back to the beginnings, when poker was admirable and relaxing amusement. If you play more than 4 years and you are still break even then it could mean that you maybe doesn`t have talent. Accept it and start to get a pleasure out of poker. 

Relax a little, and I ensure you that result will come. Stop to call donks on chat (I know it is not easy). Most of them plays for fun and even if they know that they have losses, they still play not for money, but for fun. So if you have no fun, then stop spoils them. 

Even if it is you job, then you don`t need to treat is so seriously at all the time. After all, it is a sport, so enjoy the game. I don`t know whether you ever seen Roger Federer matches, but when I`m watching his game I have a impression that he have always a great fun, and when he relaxed a little and play technically beautiful ball, then you can see on his face that things, which I would like you to feel it. Satisfaction. 

Money can`t be your driving force, just this great feeling. Then maybe you will finally understand that reason of your winnings over donks is not a mathematic, but you personal unique abilities. 

I`m sure that some of you follow a very restrictive Texas hold-em Bankroll. Don`t be such a miser and play once a week, maybe once a month cheap and big tournament (but please, not for 1/10 of your roll). You will see how much you will feel the game, maybe you will feel real adrenaline, or maybe even something will change for you…

At the end the most important thing. Remember about you family. I know that this game is extra, but time with family is more important and don`t neglect it. If you don`t live with them, maybe it time to call them at least one a week. Rose does not cost a fortune, but if you give it without special occasion it taste great. Be a human, and mostly be you, not a soulless poker machine.