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Welcome in section Poker Fun.  You can find here a lot of articles about various aspects of poker.

Do you treat poker seriously? Good, but you should do it when you play. After session you should chill. Ability to relax is one of basic skills of good poker player. There is many way to do it, but we will try to show you those one, which are connected with poker. Yes, because of our articles about poker you will rest from poker. Sounds crazy, but it is not. Our articles will be funny and easy, so you can turn off your brain and enjoy it.

Sometimes you can also laugh from poker! Yes, from poker jokes, funny pictures or loose lyrics about texas holdem. I know one player, which is writing a poems about poker, especially when something doesn`t give him peace and he is thinking about it a lot. This is his way to stress out.  Maybe I will persuade him to publish some of them.

Many people like to describe loose thoughts about different things. One of them is also poker. Everyday a lot of essays are published on this subject. We will try to show you some of them. Some of them present unusual point of view and may make you to think about it. Maybe you will even change your point of view after reading them and will have a lot fun from poker.

There is a lot of famous people quotes. Many of them are supported by many years of experience. Famous poker players say nice words about game, strategy, tactics and much more. Very often those are specific quotes, so are easy to remember. Because of them you can learn from the wisdom of others people and also from their mistakes. We will present you the most valuable quotes, which will help you in improving your game. Of course there are a lot of quotes that treat poker fun, so you will laughs from them.

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