Poker Heads up

Welcome in section “Poker Heads Up”.  You can find here a lot of articles about play in heads up games.

Heads Up is type of little tournaments or cash games with only two players. They play against each other until one of them will take every chips or money from the other. Someone said that this the only one type of poker game, where you can just win or lose. You can`t be just eliminated, like it is in tournaments. You are loser and your opponent is winner – or vice versa. There is nothing intermediate. Which options do you choose? I guess that is the one in which you are the winner. In heads up only the winner can take money, so winning is your only goal.

Heads ups may look like simple games. But they are not. This type of game is one of hardest in poker. Why is that? Well, mostly because of psychology aspect. You can`t give up when you lose. You need to be strong. You also need to be sure of your knowledge. It will help you to not show a weakness to your opponents, because it is the biggest mistake that you can do in heads up game.

In our articles you will find advices about position in heads up games, about betting and bluffs. Those are very important things to learn. Find the best poker games and promotions today by comparing the top poker sites.

You can also read about different types of players. We will also show you the ways to beat them. If someone is tight player then you need to be more carefully. If someone is lose player, than you can play with much more starting hands, then with tight player.
There is also one very important reason to read about heads up game. If you play in multi table tournaments and you want to become a winner, then you have to win in heads up! There is no other way to win big tournament then win with all of player – and fight with last one will be in heads up formula.

Read our articles and become a heads up pro.

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