Poker inspirations, part 1

I always wanted to write half thousand of sentences, inspired by poker. It will be something like a guide of poker player life. This is first part.

1. Do not expect justice from poker. Poker room is not a court room.  
2. Evaluate your opponents by their game, not by size of their stacks.  
3. Have an iron patient, but do not fall asleep during the game.   
4. If you have played bad at the beginning – then although pray till the end of game.   
5. Learn how to wait – for an occasion.   
6. Don`t scare – using occasion is not a sin.  
7. Be resistance to temptations – especially avoid triangles. You and a pair of queens.  
8. Do not exaggerate. Remember that smallest full house can make you a color blind.  
9. Learn how to lose – it is also a way to success.  
10. Do not play if you are angry. Be careful that your vein doesn`t burst.   
11. Do not quit your job, until you become a world champion.  
12. Do not curse. Remember that some words smell bad at the table.  
13. Have a quick fingers and loving mouse.  
14. If you have to admit to mistake, do it quietly. The best do it in the soul.  
15. At the table- surprising opponents – never you.  
16. Stop pretend to river – it is just a fifth card.  
17. Don`t think that somebody lose – until he have the rest of chips.  
18. Respect your chips – beat by allin first and with whole strength.  
19. Drink, if you like. But always after session or tournament.  
20. By sitting at the table remember – you are here to play, not to discuss.  
21. Do not promise yourself too much – then you have a chance to keep your word 
22. Good bluff is believable bluff.  
23. If you want respect from others, first respect yourself.  
24. Trust the dealer. He deals the cards, not drugs.  
25. Poker texas is addictive, but from winning you don`t have to be treated.