Poker inspirations. Wise maxims about poker.

Second part od poker inspirations:

26. If you have broken heart – play only hands with cards in black color.  
27. Did you lose? Don`t make a rebuy. Tommorow also is a day.  
28. If you want to lose your weight – do it only with all-in. 
29. Play when you have time. If you don`t have time – don`t cheat yourself. 
30. Waiting for a chance is not enough. You need to use your opportunities.  
31. Sit straight. Health issues can distract you. Siedz prosto  
32. You have a wife? Don`t spend your nights with computer.  
33. Cards was folded. You win.   
34. Before tournament empty your bladder. Need to urinate causes tilt.  
35. Remmeber, until you have some bankroll – you are not bankrupt.  
36. The greatest psychological advantage you have when you can afford to lose.
37. Remember – leader doesn`t mean winner.   
38. Incidentally you can win once. You can wine twice. Next time – remember – propability doesn`t like when someone makes fun of him.   
39. Before you will start to play on high stakes, check wether the child really sleeps.  
40. Don`t smoke. Through the smoke you have worse view.   
41. Rememeber: there are no poker guru – there are only players with biggest experience.  
42. Don`t scare to kiss with a girl. Poker can not infected by saliva.  N  
43. Smile for a dealer. If he is a woman.    
44. Know your place in the line. Play only appropriate stakes.  
45. You own nothing to the opponent. Nothing besides respect. 
46. Don`t cheat. It increase your chance to not be cheat by someone else 
47. Day without poker is a day in sober room.   
48. Remember after allin that waiting for a miracle cost you nothing.  
49. Don`t play freerolls during the storm. Because on the end you will pay the biggest buyin.   
50. Avoid turbo games. Speed killing Poker texas hold-em results.