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Welcome in section Poker Pro.  You can find here a lot of articles about details on the way to become a poker pro.

If you think that to be a good poker player you need to know all about rules and strategies, then you are wrong. There are a lot of things that you need to take care about.

Your brain is like an engine, which needs fuel to work well. What is “fuel” to your brain? Of course it is your meal. Thing for the moment what are you eating? Is there a lot from junky food? You loved to eat fast foods and candies? What a shame – if you would have a BMW or Mercedes would you refueling them with the worst fuel? I`m pretty sure that you would use the best fuel. So do it with your meal. Give to your brain the best food and he will work better and faster. Trust me, it really work. There is a saying – healthy body equals healthy mind. Keep that in your mind.

If we are at healthy body in our Poker Pro articles you can also read about your work place. If you have hours of sessions, than you necessarily need to have a comfortable chair and desk. You must also remember to set them right – and you can read about in Poker Pro section.

Poker Pro also needs a good computer. The best hardware and large monitor will let you to play a lot of tables in the same time. Maybe you would even need two or three monitors? You can also read about in this section.

You can find there a lot of information about things that are connection with poker, but not directly about poker. Before you will start the game, be sure that you are prepared from every possible side. Don`t let discomfort to ruin your session.  If you want to be poker pro, you need to thing about everything!

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