Poker Psychology

Welcome in section Poker Psychology.  You can find here a lot of articles about psychological aspects of poker.

If you really want to be a good poker player then you need to understand that you should learn much more than just about rules and strategies – learn about psychology of poker. In poker very important is psychological resistance, but a good news is that you can learn it. Also the ability to cope with stress is necessary. Stress can make that you will make some very stupid decisions. You won`t be able to think about game, because of bad thoughts in your mind. The only way to avoid the bankruptcy is to deal with bad emotions. You can read about poker psychology in our articles.

We will try to explain you that variance in poker is absolutely normal and you shouldn`t worry about over a dozen losing games. Everyone has a downswing sometimes. You just need to know when to stop, because sometimes, like psychology of poker says - break is the best cure for bad run. If you will stop playing then you can relax mentally and come back with new forces to become a winner.

Poker psychology is important because of one thing – you can be a great mathematician, but if you will collapse than in very short time you became a bankrupt. You will lose your motivation or – what is even worse – you start to play like some crazy man just to take a revenge for some bad beat. It does not work that way. You can`t take a revenge on fate. I hope that you will understand it after reading our articles.

If you treat a poker like a job than remember that you can`t let off steam on your family. If you have a bad beat it doesn`t mean that you can do everything, even be unpleasant or scream on your girlfriend, wife or children. Find a way to deal with it by reading our articles about psychology of poker – you will find a way to become a quite man.

To summarize – if you want to play like a poker pro, then learn how to control your mind and emotions, our articles about poker psychology can help you with that. It is really important, because person with weak mind never will be a good poker player. You can make your mind strong by reading this section!

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