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Welcome in section Poker Strategies.  You can find here a lot of articles about strategies used in poker.

Knowledge about strategies is poker is extremely important. First you need to know how to play in different situations.  In poker there are positions on the table and you needed to match your poker strategy to position that you are on. If you can`t do this, then you will lose your money. You can read about it in our articles about online poker strategies.

Strategies in poker allow you to play in some predetermined way. Your opponents do the same, so if you want to defend from them, then you need to know everything about strategies in poker. Opponents will not be able to surprise you anymore, but you will surprise them! 
When we talk about online poker strategies, we should say something about big tournaments. Before you sit down to the table at Bwin, read our article about poker strategies in MTT games. You will find out a lot about tight and loose aggressive style or what poker strategy of small ball is. Those are basic things that every poker player needs to know.

Very important is skill to count pot odds. What pot odds are? Well, those are mathematical chances to draw your poker hand. We try to present you how you can calculate it quickly and without any programs, just in your mind. It is useful skill, especially if you have plans to play poker on real.
This section is to show you, that if you will read a lot about online poker strategies then you will get a big advantage over other players. Without it you will never be a real poker player, because it is one of basic things that every poker player needs to know. There are no excuses. Learn about strategies in poker with our help!

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