PokerStars Deposit Bonus


We would like to introduce you great sign up bonus for newcomers in PokerStars. PokerStars offer to their new players 100% of Welcome Bonus up to maximum amount of 600 USD by double up first deposit to PokerStars.



How to receive Poker Deposit Bonus from PokerStars?

If you want to take part in Poker Deposit Bonus in PokerStars you must enter special bonus code in registration form. The bonus code is STARS600. With that, PokerStars will give you 100% of first three deposits up to 600 USD this is the Sign up poker bonus. PokerStars supports multi-currency so you can make deposits in different currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, CAD. 

When you play with different currencies, there are difference clearance rates in PokerStars bonus:

1. In USD currency the maximum amount of bonus is 600 and the clearance rate is 17 VPPs per USD
2. In EUR currency the maximum amount of bonus is 465 and the clearance rate is 22 VPPs per EUR
3. In GBP currency the maximum amount of bonus is 390 and the clearance rate is 26 VPPs per GBP
4. In CAD currency the maximum amount of bonus is 625 and the clearance rate is 16 VPPs per CAD

VPPs are PokerStars VIP Player Points. VPPs are divided in monthly VPPs and Yearly VPPs. You can earn bonus by collecting monthly VIP Player Points. You will earn bonus by collecting VPPs equal to 17 times the bonus amount in USD currency and appropriate number to different currencies. The Poker Deposit Bonus is released in increments of 10. For example – you need 170 VPPs points to earn 10 USD of the deposit bonus. VIP Player Points can be earned in games/tournaments with rake or fee. In tournaments you will earn 5.5 VPPs for every 1USD in fee paid, 7 VPPs for every 1 EUR, 8.8 VPPs for every 1 GBP and 5 VPPs for every 1 CAD.

By earning VPPs you will also earn FPPs – Frequent Player Points. FPPs can be spent in VIP store, they can be even exchanged for real cash! Depending on your VIP status you will earn appropriate amount of FPPs per VPPs. For example, if you have SuperNova account, for each VPPs you will receive 3.5 FPPs. FPPs can also be redeemed by entering tournaments.

As you can see, PokerStars offers you great Poker Deposit Bonus. You can earn bonus easily and by doing this you will also earn FPP which can be exchanged on very attractive items from PokerStars VIP shop.